How to Troubleshoot Bugs in GraphicSchedule


When you run GraphicSchedule, you receive an error, or the app doesn’t behave as expected.


Update to the latest version of GraphicSchedule, which contains bugfixes for many common issues.

Windows 10 and newer

  1. Check the version of GraphicSchedule by going to Excel > GraphicSchedule > About. If your version is below 1.14.5, proceed to the next step.
  2. Quit all instances of Microsoft Excel and uninstall GraphicSchedule in System > Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Click here to download the latest GraphicSchedule installer archive. The most current version is v1.14.5.
  4. To start GraphicSchedule setup, open the downloaded file and double-click on the application inside it. The application file name ends with “.exe”.
  5. Follow the steps in the Setup Wizard.
  6. When the Setup Wizard completes, start Excel and locate the GraphicSchedule ribbon tab.

If you still encounter bugs even after upgrading to the latest version of GraphicSchedule, please send us screenshot(s) showing the error, and the steps to replicate it.