Using Excel Formulas with GraphicSchedule

Did you know you can create your own Excel formulas right in the GraphicSchedule data table? Just click in any cell and press the ‘equals’ key to add a formula. You can use formulas to link the name, dates, or locations of your shapes to other entries, or any other data that lives in Excel. You can also insert new columns for resources, production rates, durations, etc.

NOTE: most basic Excel formulas involving dates are counted in Calendar Days, which means you’ll need to factor in weekends, holidays, and other non-working time. If you’d like to calculate a finish date using Working Days, but don’t yet have a P6 or MS Project schedule up and running, try the WORKDAY function in Excel.

At GraphicSchedule we’ve worked hard to preserve the functionality and flexibility of Excel, because at the end of the day, we know that most projects are still powered by spreadsheets.