Viewing GraphicSchedule on Multiple Displays

Do you ever wish you could keep the chart in view while scrolling down in your data table? Try this trick: in Excel, on the View ribbon, click the New Window button to activate a new window that displays the active workbook. Think of these as multiple viewports to the same spreadsheet. You can activate as many of these new windows as you like. Changes made from any window will be evident in all windows and stored in the one and only Excel file.

For example, you can display the chart window on a large widescreen monitor, then work in the data table window on a smaller laptop screen, as shown below.

The office is a little dark because we’re in the shadow of the Alaskan Way Viaduct, which towers over this building right outside the window. Thankfully there’s a great team working on demolishing that old elevated highway as we speak, which will provide a lot more light and much better views. 😎