Using Side Tables for Location Data

On large projects that involve work at many locations, keeping track of your location coordinates can get tricky. If you’d like to get your location data better organized, consider creating a side table in the blank space next to the GS data table, like this:



Now you can link all Loc1 & Loc2 entries to the side table, rather than manually entering location coordinates for each shape. This approach offers several advantages:

    1. Locations are stored in a master list organized however you like, by structure, level, etc.
    2. Adjustments to location data only need to be made once, in the master list.
    3. Linked locations make it easy to perform a quick QC check to confirm that shapes are tied to the correct locations along the project alignment.


You can create side tables for all sorts of project data, not just locations. With GraphicSchedule and Excel, the possibilities are endless.