Draw Order for Overlapping Shapes

By default GraphicSchedule displays overlapping shapes in the following order, listed from front to back:

  1. Milestones (in front)
  2. Lines
  3. Bars
  4. Blocks (in back)


For example, if your schedule has a line shape that crosses a bar shape, the line appears in front and the bar sits behind the line.

When two of the same shapes overlap, the order of entries in the data table controls the draw order. Shapes listed higher in the data table appear in front. So, if you have two overlapping Block shapes you can use drag and drop to reorganize your data table to control the draw order, as shown in this video:


(You can also use native Excel features to change the draw order, by right-clicking directly on any shape, and selecting ‘Send to Back’. However this approach is not stored in GraphicSchedule memory, so the draw order may revert to default if the shape or chart is redrawn.)